Ian J.

“Polite and professional, easy to organize with. Detailed reporting and clear understanding of Standards, and cause of issues”.

Leone V.

“I was very impressed with Sydney Engineers. They were punctual, efficient, and sent me a thorough report within a week from their inspection”.

Gaury D.

“They were very professional, very knowledgeable and experienced. They sorted out the issue that existed and I felt comfortable working with them”

Michael S.

“Everything was Okay and the cost was competitive. I would be happy to recommend their services”.

Lyndal W.

“He did a good job, he was available when we needed him and listened to our requirements. He was very good”.

Joy C.

“We have engaged Sydney Engineers for the structural plans we need and we were very happy with their services. They did the inspection thoroughly and the plans were delivered on time as promised. After we received the plans I contacted them for some advice and they promptly responded to our queries. They were very helpful and we highly recommend Nicholas”.

Helen P.

“Mark from Sydney Engineers was straight to the point and he got the job done. I would be happy to recommend Sydney Engineers”.

Jackie O.

“Nicholas was very professional. He is very experienced and he knows what he is talking about. He gave  a detailed report. I was very happy with Sydney Engineers”.

Lola M.

“Mark from Sydney Engineers is reliable and he did a good job for the structural planning. They were quite affordable”

Lee A.

“Nicholas from Sydney Engineers was very prompt on call back and attending the site for wall removal”.

Lee S.

“Sydney Engineers were good in doing the report and Nicholas is a professional man. I would strongly recommend them”

Matt W.

“John from Sydney Engineers is a nice guy and provided a thorough report as  expected”.

Mathew O.

“Mark from Sydney Engineers was especially quick. Good value”.

Michelle S.

“He was absolutely fantastic, I ‘d  have no hesitation recommending him! He was a real gentleman, very informative, and did a good report”.

Vicky W.

Nicholas from Sydney Engineers is a quality engineer. He knows his trade very well and provided a thorough and informative report for me very quickly”.


“I would definitely recommend Sydney Engineers. Nicholas provided a thorough report and for a fair price”.

Joanne P.

“Excellent prompt service from Sydney Engineers”

Sebastian P.

“I used Sydney Engineers to assess a  property and I was very happy with their service”

Philip M.

“Nicholas did an excellent job. He did the reports within agreed timeframes and were thorough”


“They were professional and am happy to recommend them”.


Very happy with the services provided by Sydney Engineers and they are going on to do further  work for us….very happy”