Structural Engineering Service For Wall Cracking

Cracking of masonry buildings is a common issue in Australia. The causes can be numerous and include the following:

  • Corrosion of lintels or embedded steelwork or decay of embedded timber within walls;
  • Tree root interference;
  • Reactive Clay soil activity in the vicinity of foundations often influenced by soil type, the ability of water to reach underground clay beneath a structure, and the effect of trees;
  • Consolidation of poorly compacted soils when loaded with the weight of a building;
  • Vibration causing consolidation of soils
  • Subsidence due to underground tunneling;
  • Drainage problems which can lead to the softening of the ground below the footings due to saturation by subsurface flow;
  • Earthquake or wind loads;
  • Deterioration of materials.


Sydney Engineers are regularly commissioned to determine the probable cause of cracking and advise on action required.

Use our contact details below to engage a professional Engineer to advise you in relation to wall cracking.


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