Expert Advice on Repairing & Halting Concrete Spalling

Concrete spalling is often termed concrete cancer. Its main symptom is concrete flaking from the surface of the affected area accompanied by nearby staining. Staining can be a first symptom, with a commonly held misconception being it is caused by the weathering process.

Concrete spalling is caused when steel reinforcement within a concrete slab begins rusting. When steel rusts it expands approximately 5 times its original size causing concrete displacement and flaking. On becoming damaged, more water can enter the affected area, speeding up the process.

Whilst the exact cause in a case of concrete cancer often depends on the unique circumstances of each case, several causative factors are often at play. These include the steel being too close to the surface allowing water to react with it, poor quality steel, incompatible metals used close to each other causing a reaction, and damage to concrete allowing water to enter the slab and come into contact with the steel.

Concrete spalling puts property owners at risk of negligence suits. Damage can occur through concrete pieces falling and injuring people or property. Further, concrete spalling that is not attended to in a timely manner will only lead to further repair costs as the problem spreads.

Concrete spalling cannot be repaired simply by rendering over the affected area.

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