Retaining Walls Design and Structural Integrity of Existing Walls

Retaining walls are a common feature of all construction sites. Despite being relatively simple structures, the development and conception of retaining walls prior to construction is not founded in proper Engineering principles set out in the relevant Australian Standard, AS 4678-2002, Earth Retaining Structures.

All too often attempts to limit costs and to escape council requirements lead to problems later. One need only make casual observations in the surrounding built environment to observe many walls that are bulging, cracking, or leaning.

The causes of these problems are numerous and can include:

  • Poor site assessment
  • Lack of due attention to Engineering principles
  • Defective works
  • Poor drainage
  • Inappropriate design style and method for the intended purpose
  • Inappropriate backfill

Sydney Engineers can consider the essential elements of a retaining wall construction such as strength, suitability, durability, aesthetics and cost to tailor a novel and cost effective solution for the needs of your site. We are experts in designing new retaining walls across the entire spectrum of design styles and methods. We also advise on the structural integrity of existing walls.

To engage a Professional Engineer to advise you in relation to your retaining wall,

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