Structural Engineering Service for Wall Removal or Wall Opening

As a result of a colonial influence, many Australian homes were built with privacy and cold climates in mind. Recent Architectural trends and consumer preferences have seen a shift towards living areas being more open to facilitate social interaction, entertaining, and a more pleasing living space aesthetic.

As a result, home owners are seeking to open up their homes by removing internal dividing walls.

This is a highly specialized field, and in recent times some home owners have created great danger in removing walls on mere lay opinions of builders without seeking a professional Engineer's properly considered advice.

Sydney Engineers consult extensively on wall removal advice by visiting clients who wish to remove a wall or several walls in their home. Quite often clients will be seeking advice as to whether a wall that is being considered for removal is load bearing, and if so whether this will be an impediment to the wall being removed. In most cases, our Engineering team can devise a solution that reallocates loads in a safe and acceptable manner.

No one rule applies to advice on wall removal, and each case is different.

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