Structural Engineering advice on Shopfront Awnings

As many Shopfront awnings age out of sight and are often not maintained, they are increasingly posing a public health hazard.

In response to recent accidents involving the collapse of Shopfront awnings and their duty of care obligations, local councils across Australia have recently clamped down on ageing awnings in need of repair.

Where you are put on notice by the council of a potential public health hazard and do not act, you may be liable for the injury or death of a person due to your defective awning.

Sydney Engineers is regularly commissioned to inspect and advise on the structural integrity of Shopfront awnings, and where necessary, to advise on repair or replacement for council approval.

In our experience, Shopfront awning structures are often at risk due to defective anchorage systems (at poor installation or due simply to deterioration), deteriorated steel elements, wall cracking and other construction related deficiencies. In our experience, ageing awnings can often be repaired by way of timely repairs before deterioration accelerates. Sydney Engineers can advise on what you need to do to ensure that your awning does not become a public health hazard that puts you at the risk of a negligence suit. You can attend to managing your Shopfront awning risk by contacting Sydney Engineers for a discussion on (02)9529 0899 Mob. 0418 424 921, email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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